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Creative Writing

Favorite Authors


Creative Writing

Some of my favorite authors include Alejandro Tapia y Rivera, Mark Twain and Nemesio Canales, among others. However, because of my lack of time, I've been unable to read as much as I would like. Offline anyway.

Online, there are several authors I sometimes read, most of them fan-fic authors. Here are some of them, with links to their works (links to stories coming soon):

  • Sky Shadow: the writer of the Best First novella. This novella tells the story of Thundercracker and his involvement in the Cybertronian war. It is mainly a dramatic story and a long one. It's not his only story, but one that deserves a special mention as it sheds a different light on many of the original Transformers cast, as well as shedding light to many unknown characters.
  • Merytneith: the author of Means of Persuation, Absolute Zero, Measuring Up, Cryptic Pasts and The Die Long Cast, among many others. Measuring Up and Cryptic Pasts both have the same main character: Overload. These are retellings of his life as the sidekick to the Autobot's "greatest hero" Countdown. Absolute Zero is the self-discovery trip of a Decepticon assasin. And Means of Persuation is the story of Prowl's early days. One of the most interesting features of her stories is that all are good as stand-alone stories, but they are all are interconnected between themselves.
  • Dave Van Domelen: author of the series Tales of the Intermezzo, a group of stories that relate between the original Transformers series and the Beast Wars and Beast Machine series. POW, AKA Primal, Sunset and Planet Brawn are some of my favorites. As of lately, he has included the Transformers Universe line (Alert)and Armada-Energon series (Old Flame) as source for his fanfics.
  • Scott Kampa: the writer of many other fanfics, including Not Worth the Tears, Lost Shaker Assault, and Round and Round. Lost Shaker Assault is a comedy revolving around the song Margaritaville. Round and Round is yet another Thundercracker story and his dilemma. Not Worth the Tears is a very emotional story about friendship and betrayal, love and hate. One of his most recent work, Just Words, is a story about Sunstreaker, and his feelings on Sideswipe's absense (both are twins).
  • Crazomatic: a comedy writer. Among his most interesting (and bizarre) works are the Transformers Babies stories. These stories deal with the Transformers growing up in Nanny's home (from the Muppet Babies series). Absolutely insane, and absolutely wonderful.